DKW’s  SMART4REAL©  Strategy

Our research and 100% of listings SOLD record when applying SMART4REAL© strategy has proven to be the most effective.It allows us to cut through all the hype and misinformation of the real estate industry to deliver the outstanding results.

You need to know that 4 Factors must in balance in order for a house to sell quickly and for maximum value.

1. The price must be set correctly – APPRAISAL
2. Technical condition of the house – INSPECTION
3. How the home compares to others on the market – PROFESSIONAL STAGING
4. Quality of marketing material  – PROFESSIONAL IMAGING

In order to ensure that all of the above factors are in balance we make an investment in the sale of your home even before we list it. We hire and pay upfront  for the services of the 4 independent third party professionals: Appraiser, Inspector, Interior Designer and Photographer. They provide us with all the critical expertise and tools: reports, data and material so we can give you the best chance possible to successfully sell your house.
We find all of their services to be indispensable if we are to maximize your home’s sales potential and provide the high quality service you need and deserve in today’s “Era of Narrow Specialization”.

This unprecedented level of customized services showcases your home from the curbside to inside for maximum appeal to buyers and leaves nothing to chance!

FACTOR # 1: The Price Must Be Set Correctly - APPRAISAL

 Mortgage Lenders base their decision on professional appraisal ONLY, not on real estate broker / agent provided Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

You Need Appraisal Because it:

Eliminates both: over pricing and under pricing

Ensures that the transaction can be financed

Eliminates or shortens price negotiations

Confirms the property’s value for the buyer

Shows good faith of the seller

Provides protection from potential future legal claims

It is a very valuable advertising and a very powerful negotiating tool

It is important for you to know that Comparative Market Analysis, CMA (that most agents base the listing price upon) is a computer generated data, based only on homes listed in the MLS, calculated without any regard to detail. Amenities, level of finish, condition and even specific location within a subdivision can create a very significant difference in price  for houses that are otherwise very similar in age and size.

Luxury homes have many custom features, differ in levels of finish and need Professional Appraiser’s expertise to ensure proper pricing.


FACTOR # 2: Technical Condition of the House – INSPECTION  ( Move-In Certified™)

You Need Pre-Listing Inspection Because it:

Provides an unbiased, independent third party professional opinion about the condition of the property. May relive a prospective buyer’s unfounded suspicions and concerns instead of walking away from an otherwise great opportunity.

Eliminates potential roadblocks to a successful sale

Eliminates surprises at the 11th-hour (think: negotiations/ delays/ buyer walks away)

Allows you to make an informed decision in regards to any defect found:

-Attach paid invoice(s) to the inspection report and get your home Move-In Certified™)

-Attach repair estimates to remove over-inflated buyer-procured estimates from the negotiating table.

Provides full – disclosure protection from potential future legal claims

Last but not least, the Pre-Listing Inspection gives your home great marketing advantage. It is used as a very powerful marketing tool that goes far beyond the standard seller’s disclosure.

Highly visible Move-In Certified™ yard sign will attract potential buyers touring homes in your neighborhood and instantly make your house stand-out from the competition.

The high caliber online and offline marketing materials for your house will include the
Move-In Certified™ attention grabbing logo to distinguish your house from the competition.

A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on your part.


FACTOR # 3: How the Home Compares to Others on the Market  - PROFESSIONAL STAGING  (Competition)

You Need Professional Staging Because:

Upscale property buyers are not buying out of necessity. They have high expectations, they are not just buying a house; they are buying a lifestyle.

Buying decisions are typically made within the very first few minutes of entering the house and are often based on the perception of the lifestyle the home projects.

The way you live in your home and the way you market your house for sale are two very different ways. Most homeowners find staging challenging because it is hard to view your home objectively when it reflects your own personality.

Professionally staged homes stand out from others that are on the market, add the “wow factor”, are appealing to broad range of buyers and give the competitive edge.

Professional Staging makes your home to appear “move-in” ready and thereby more likely to sell quickly. Staging is one of the keys to maximizing your profits by minimizing the time your house is on the market.


FACTOR # 4: Quality of Marketing Material - PROFESSIONAL IMAGING
( HD Photography and HD video, daylight & twilight)

You Need Professional Imaging Because:

Most of today’s real estate buyers search for their new home online. As a result professional highest quality photography and video is not a luxury anymore but absolute necessity.

The way your listing is presented online is of utmost importance in generating today’s tech savvy buyers interest. Your home has only one opportunity to make a good first impression. If it doesn’t…it takes potential buyer one second to hit the NEXT button and move on to another listing.

Professional Photographer and Videographer will bring out your home’s best features using professional equipment and professional skills to ensure that your property is presented at its absolute best while staying true to its actual condition.

Twilight Photography because:

Photos taken at dusk are more dramatic than those taken at daylight. They create a unique mood for the property, giving it elegant, classy look.

These kinds of photos have an emotional appeal, help buyers to imagine arriving to a warm and welcoming home each night.

Creates the “wow factor”, helps the house stand out from the others on the market, in terms of both, online presence and printed marketing material. It gives the impression of a property “being more prestige” and therefore attracts more buyer interest.

HD Video because:

HD Video is another critically important element in the presentation of your home.
It gives potential home buyer much richer online experience than photos or virtual tour alone. The movement created by the HD video brings your home to “life”, giving viewers a feeling of walking through the home themselves.

Once again, Professional HD video gives you the competitive edge and attracts more buyers interest.

DKW by providing the Professional Photo & Video services ensures that the technology works for you, not against you.


Dorothy K Warda, Broker