In any market, knowledge is Power.

Power to make well-informed and quick decisions, to get the right results,to save you effort ,money and most of all…TIME. However; if that knowledge is limited, if you are not schooled in the things pertaining to that market, this could lead to the possibilities of making impulsive, wrong and costly decisions.

We observed that many real estate companies try to specialize in all areas of real estate and as a result they fail to have a comprehensive knowledge of any one single area. At DKW we felt, based upon our professional and personal experiences, that there is a need for an upscale real estate brokerage in the Southlake, Colleyville,Grapevine and Keller markets.This means that our company may not be able to accommodate everyone, but for that important percentage of people who fit the niche, our firm is able to offer specialized services and in depth understanding of their needs.

Our goal is to prevent our clients from making impulsive and ill informed decisions.

DKW is for those who have not yet found the best..
Dorothy K Warda, Broker